Coats: how to wear them in 2018

Coats keep us warm every winter and this year will not be any different. Textures, colors, sizes vary to please everyone, but there are two ways to wear, much seen in fashion week in Paris and NY, which differ greatly from what we are accustomed to.


Well it’s people, I hope you do not have many neurotransmitters for the cold on your shoulders because the wave now is to wear the jacket with the shoulders shows.

This is a way to give continuity to the absolute success that was the looks with shoulders the show this summer.


So that can make a lot of people confused, but not women. We women, always so contradictory , complex and paradoxical, we know that if we show the shoulders “póoode”, then hide them also “póoode”. If you want to invest in this styling trick put the cloak like a cloak over your shoulders.

In short, the trend this season boils down to showing or hiding the shoulders. Or wear your hooded jacket or simply lean it over your shoulders like a cape.

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