Goodbye cold : 8 coats you’ll want to buy

They are beautiful, practical and super-warm. We talk, of course, of the coats of hair , one of the great trends this season and our best friends when the cold weather is felt.

In addition to its obvious utility, synthetic coats are the ideal piece to give a striking look to a simpler coordinate. It can be in a normal sweater, jeans and a pair of tennis shoes that just add a fur coat to look like a true fashionista . Nowadays, it is possible to find them in almost all the colors and in the most varied models. That is, there is a fur coat for everyone.

If you are still undecided whether you like it or not, or if you really do not know if you will be investing in one, enjoy a trip to the mall and try different ones. Most likely you will not enjoy just one, but you’ll notice which ones suit you best and which colors you prefer. This, in addition to helping you shop at the physical stores, is a good starting point for good online shopping as well. And, shopping online has become more and more a trend even because, usually, the coats of hair are heavy so if there is someone to deliver it at home even better, right?

So, because we want to keep it beautiful and free of colds this season, we have gathered the 8 hair jackets that are worth it. So you feel the next it girl , regardless of your age.



It was expected that for this fall-winter, Zara would throw cute fur coats. And this is definitely one of them. With several shades of gray, it is that coat that actually makes a coordinate, however simple it may be. So he is a good ally on the cold winter days.


Still from Zara but longer – and therefore even better for snuggling on frosty days – this brown coat is a must have. Because it is super hot, because it is versatile and, above all, because it will be able to use it during several winters in a row. Is there anything better?


The leopard pattern is fashionable and, if you like, this jacket is for you. Despite being a rather discreet and smooth leopard, the pattern is quite elegant. That is, if you want to be beautiful and sophisticated this winter, this coat is a good option. You can wear it with dresses, skirts, jeans or fabric that will always look good.


If you are a discreet woman who prefers neutral colors but still wants to have a fur coat this winter, this is a good option. The color is one that allows any conjugation and the model is timeless which makes it a good investment. 


If you’re looking for an eccentric jacket that gets all the attention in the cold season, you’ve just found it: it’s blue, long and promises to be the best friend of the most dashing. It is not, at all, a consensual coat but if you like different pieces do not let it escape.


The colorful fur coats are not very easy to find so if you’re looking for one you’d better hurry up. This will probably run out.

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