How to wear Hats – Models and Tips

Known as often used in winter, the jackets won women’s heads and became indispensable items in the wardrobe, even at other times of the year.  With all this, the jacket began to adhere to all styles, unlike what was used before, since the little bags were considered parts for ladies for a long time.

The use of this piece leaves the look more feminine and the various fabrics that are made today, allow to wear the hats on a summer day for example, falling into disuse the idea that only used cardigan in winter. Models with lighter fabrics are ideal for days with a higher temperature. If you love the little bags, but are afraid to wear them for fear that the look will be very much your own, check out the tips we have brought you and learn how to adhere to this fashion using your style and modernizing the look.

Jackets with heavy fabrics:

Wool, crochet and other warmer fabrics are ideal for winter days, as well as leaving you warm, these jackets can be combined with various types of clothing and can be worn at any time.

Traditional winter jacket models look great when paired with jeans . Do not forget to caprichar in makeup.
And if you do not like the traditional cardigan models, today you already find numerous models that also protect from the cold. With modern, incremental and different cuts, you look beautiful and chic to face rainy days and low temperatures.

Waistcoats for the summer:

If you think that the jackets can only be used during the winter. For you who love this piece, the models with thinner and lighter fabrics can be used day-to-day without worry, it all depends on the combination you make. For the day, you can combine the cardigans with dress, the light fabric of the coat can be contrasted with that of the dress. Choose coats with flowery, colorful prints for dresses in neutral colors, and the printed dresses fall perfectly with little bags of sober colors and without many details, not to overload the look. And for a more laid back and relaxed look, the super-tight jackets combine with high waist shorts, or the short ones. A good suggestion is to mark the waist using a thinner belt.

However, the use of summer hats is not restricted, all you have to do is take care of the type of cardigan fabric you choose so that you do not suffer from the heat or make mistakes in the composition of your look. Surely you may have heard the name Cardigan, and maybe you have read in some fashion magazine or website. The cardigan does not differ from the cardigan in anything, except for the name and for being a type of jacket. The cardigan is worn over another piece, usually worn open or with a belt marking the waist, which makes the use of this piece quite feminine and delicate. The combinations are the same as those mentioned above, being very common the use of this piece with dress and also with shorter skirts, to use the long skirts and cardigan, be careful with the length.

Short jackets:

Another model of cardigan that has been widely used and has fallen in the taste of women, short jackets. They give an extra charm in the look and leaves the woman more feminine. The ideal is to choose a short length but that is not equated to the bolero, the models with buttons are great to be used with pants and shorts, already the lace, combine better with dresses and skirts more delicate.

There are even a few tricks you can use to choose the kind of cardigan you like best. Coats with longer lengths are great when hiding the extra pounds. This type of coat disguises the belly and arms. The shorter ones should be avoided for those who have the body in rectangular format. Coats that go to hip height should be avoided by women with very wide hips, as they can increase size and turn attention precisely to the region you should disguise.

Trench Coat Jackets:

Another option of jacket that also is part of the women’s wardrobe, is the Trench Coat, a longer cardigan and with big buttons, used pierced in the front. This is the kind of jacket every woman should have, great for the cold days you want to look stylish, or for those days you have a commitment and need to be more formal. For those who are overweight, the best Trench Coat are those with elongated shape and vertical lines, making the silhouette look finer. Despite being more used to those who want more sophistication, the Trench Coat can also be combined with a simple jeans and a sneaker.

The jackets have various combinations and can be worn at any time and should be part of the wardrobe of any woman, from the basic to the modern and cool to the more formal. This key piece is also a great option for women who wish to innovate their costumes at work without escaping much of the seriousness of the place.

Now that you know a little about the types of cardigans and how to use them, get yours, make your combinations and look beautiful and ready to face the day to day without leaving the charm at home.

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