Useful tips: How to Wear Winter Coats

They say that winter is the time when people get more dressed and look prettier and more elegant. After all, it’s time to invest in overlaps!

And to make the looks more beautiful, nothing better than wearing the fashionable coats. Both knitting and aviators are on the rise and also help disguise the extra fat. Then learn to use them the right way and wind down in the winter.

Tricks to lose weight
· You are overweight? So, prefer an aviator jacket model with smaller collars.

· Who has a wide hip can wear heavy coats at will, as they harmonize the silhouette.

· If the checked shoulder coat is open and worn with a high waist skirt underneath, it will make it taller and leaner. Take the test and prove it!

Jacket with no monkey! 
· The double buttoning value the waist, but it should not get too tight in the body.

· Brown and black are neutral colors, which combine with all tones. Bet on them for a sophisticated look.

· Since the aviator collar already adds enough volume to the composition, use this jacket model with pants or skirts without textures, sparkles or special washes.

Coats in the Right Measure
· Women of average height look good with jackets that go to the knee.

· The heavier the jacket, the thinner the shirt has to be underneath, so as not to thicken your look.

· Lengths below the hip tune the butt.

· If you have little breast, throw yourself into models with skins on the collar or details of tacks on the bust.

Above all without error
· Choose neutral pants and shirt to match a more flamboyant coat.

· Stretch the body leaving the open coat over a checked waist blouse and a straight cut jeans and medium waist. If you want, wear it with a belt.


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