Winter Fashion: How to Wear a Coat

The winter is probably the season when more people dress well, perhaps to be able to put together a look consists of several parts and overlays without the intervention of the unbearable summer heat in our country.

There are some women who do not know what to wear at this time of year. The piece that most causes doubt at the time of dressing is the traditional coat . It comes in various colors, models and materials.

Using without error

  • If you are chubby and want to disguise the extra fat, opt for the aviator model, but with smaller collars.
  • Heavier and bulky coats are great for those who have a very wide hip, because they harmonize the proportions of the silhouette.
  • If you want to look taller and leaner, a great tip is to wear a high waist skirt under an open shoulder-marked jacket . This combination lengthens the silhouette, giving the mentioned effect. However, be careful with the skirt, it should be simple and minimalist, because the jacket already draws the necessary attention.
  • If you are wearing a closed aviator jacket with double buttoning, be careful not to get too tight on your body. When used correctly it values ​​the waist a lot.
  • If you want a more sophisticated look, bet on the colors brown and black, they are “neutral” and combine with a range of different pieces.
  • Knee-length knit jackets look great on women of medium to high stature. However, women with few breasts should wear the model with fur on the collar or details of tacks on the bust to create a visual effect of more volume in that area.
  • There is a rule that must be followed for all types of coats: the heavier it is, the lighter and simpler the sweater that will be underneath. This helps not to create a “balloon” effect, which can make you much fatter.
  • Want another tip to lengthen the silhouette? Wear a long coat, such as a cardigan over a checked waist top, combined with a medium-waist jeans and straight cut with a belt.


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